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PomPalace Pomeranians

Our first Pomeranian and the partiarch of our line is Rocky. A nice lady brought eight week old Rocky to our door. That was back in 1999, and we have had so many wonderful times since the little guy came into our lives we couldn't begin to recount them all here.

Rocky is an almost eight pound (at age seven years) red sable pom, and his personality is remarkable. He never met a stranger - that is he treats everyone he meets as a long lost pal, with wagging tail and cheerful smile. He loves to ride in the sidecar rig and in the bicycle basket (he has a pair of Doggles), and is very good on a leash. Rocky and his family wear harnesses rather than collars, which offer a number of advantages you can read about on another page, not the least of which is to keep him from falling from something!

Rocky has sired three litters of AKC registered puppies. The first was with cream colored Sunshine, now living in retrement and s_p_o_i_l_e_d! Sunshine had to have a c-section and was spayed, but both Samson and Wicket survived and are beautiful sables. This was a litter of two bouncy baby boys, and both were successfully placed in happy homes.

Peaches (reverse orange sable - see 'Colors' on About Poms page) is now Rocky's housemate and partner in mischief. On October 17, 2003, then two year old Peaches gave birth to 'the girls', and our lives are forever changed. Three more distinctly different poms there could not be than this all female litter. Sharing some characteristics just because they're siblings, yes, but coats, colors, personalities, and physical types are all different. In order of birth and coincidentally alphabetically, Cleo (Cream Sable), Pixie (Red Sable), and Smoky (Wolf Sable) all have their own webpages here and their own permanent places in our hearts.

Peaches and Rocky brought us an early Christmas Present in 2004! The "Spice Girls" slipped into the house on December 15, creating Holiday Festivities of their own! Koko (Red Sable) and Ginger (Red Sable) are now in their forever homes, but continue to bring us great joy with their regular return visits to "The Palace".

Last but not least, Beemer (Wolf Sable) joined the Royal Family in the middle of 2005. It is expected that Prince Beemer and Princess Smoky will honor us with little wolf sable puppies of their own!

The Pom Palace will continue to carefully grow it's kingdom, so be sure to check with us regularly and see whats shakin' at the Palace!

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